Digital Julley

Digital Julley is a registered sole proprietorship business with a team of professional designers and artists working with us. We offer web design and digital marketing services for hotels and small businesses in Himachal Pradesh. We are based in Naggar village, Kullu district, since the last 8 years.

In these modern times, we believe that digital connectivity is a fundamental right of every citizen. Internet and online services need not be something that is exclusive to urban centres. We believe that rural India deserves online connectivity and presence as well.

How We Make a Difference

Having lived and worked in Himachal for many years, we have witnessed the hurdles that small business owners have to face when taking their business online. Most of them depend on web design agencies and freelancers from outside the state who may not know the nuances of Himachali culture and life. Getting work done this way will always be impersonal and indifferent to your unique needs.

Digital Julley helps small business owners in rural Himachal Pradesh build their online presence at reasonable costs. We understand that most of our rural clients may not be very tech-savvy. This is the reason why we focus on personalised customer service. We explain technology concepts, answer simple and complex questions, and clear away any doubts before you — our clients — sign up with Digital Julley.

Just like our logo, which is a seamless blend of traditional Buddhist values and modern design, Digital Julley believes in working with love and trust.

Contact us today and see our difference.

Digital Julley

Behind Naggar hospital, VPO Naggar, District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh-175130

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